We had special visitors in class today … our Mummy’s and Daddy’s 😍

We have been showing our mummy’s and daddy’s some of our routines: changing our schedules using transition music, requesting songs and making our decorations …  We were very excited but did really well!

Chloe’s daddy was our star photographer!

We are going to put our decorations on the school tree and make another set to take home…

There was lots of careful painting and glittering ….

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas 🥗

We are going to wait until December before we really start our Christmas festivities but we are so excited about our Mums and Dads  joining us on Friday for our Christmas Decorations Day that we have started to have sparkles in class ….

We enjoyed our Attention Autism session and then practised ourselves

”spread spread spread” the glue


”shake shake shake” the glitter

We have decorated Merry Christmas